do bears and wolves get along

In Minnesota, I have seen active bear baits go completely dead when wolves move into the area. First, bears and wolves both belong to the domain Eukaryota. Wolves and bears can coexist peacefully and often avoid each other. Sorry its kind of a weird question but please try to answer. This is a problem that seems to be growing anywhere the two species overlap. There are ongoing conversations about reintroducing lynx … "There is an antipathy there, and it's a natural antipathy because they're competitors." Grizzly bears will sometimes dig up, kill, and eat wolf pups. It's reported that the four wolves and four brown bears were in the same residence, so that "they are challenged to get along with each other", calling it "enrichment for the animals". However, wolf-bear interactions can be quite violent. zyg0tic. premium; 330 posts; 11 kudos; 27 December 2012, 3:39AM. "Wolves and bears do get along in the proper environment, but they also are competitive, and that competition is usually around a particular resource, like food," Paquet said. I'm writing a story and I need to know. Bears are often described as asocial when compared to wolves, chimps or lions, but to use the term “asocial” to describe bears is incorrect. ANSWER: It might come as a surprise to many that wolves eat bears. Bears and wolves both belong to the kingdom Metazoa. At one point as many as 10 wolves can be seen chasing and nipping at the bear… Come to think of it, I didn't make any changes to werewolves. "If a bear wants a wolf-killed animal, the wolves will try to defend it; wolves usually fail to chase the bear away, although female grizzlies with cubs are seldom successful in taking a wolf-kill." With fewer deer to target, wolves are eating bears. Bears will coexist along wolves at the project, near Bristol. And they have the photos to prove it. Then again, so do mushrooms, grass and amoebae. Accounts from trappers and hunting outfitters have confirmed that wolves eat bears. Yes, but not that closely. Each of those nights, Rautiainen snapped photos of the grey wolf and brown bear (female and male, respectively), and commented, “No one had observed bears and wolves living near each other and becoming friends in Europe.” Remarkably, the two even share food with one another. I don't think bears and wolves get along with anything except other bears and wolves. As a result, wolf packs will attempt to drive away grizzly bears that get close to the dens where wolf pups are living. I want to know if wolves can get along with bears (mainly black bears). One of the tourists predicts the wolves will “attack him on both sides,” and several begin to harass the bear. 'realistic behaviour'-wise, I don't think bears and wolves are natural enemies. Researchers were surprised to find brown bears and wolves, two predators that don't usually get along, sharing a whale carcass for more than four months. Bears. Or have wolves ever been seen with a black bear? Are bears related to wolves? Thanks. Credit: ITV News Wider conversations around rewilding to be had in UK. Many bear hunters, guides and outfitters are getting a wake-up as they discover thinning deer populations are impacting black bear numbers. Wolves will eat some types of bear bait, but that's not the real reason

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