parking brake wire location

I've been searching the forums but couldn't find any one who mentions an exact location for the parking brake. Chevy pickups have a parking brake warning light on the dashboard to let the driver know if the parking brake is set. It is fed from the instrument cluster via a gray/white wire, goes to the pressure differential switch below the master cylinder, then continues via a gray/black wire to the parking brake lever switch, and when the parking brake is engaged, it grounds it. I did so, but the problem is still there. What you did sounds the simplest way to go...where can I get such a switch? Where is the speed sensor wire, reserve wire, + parking brake on 2005 acura mdx. Try somewhere else. Where did you connect yours? I like to ideally connect all grounds to the same connection in order to avoid electrical noise, but grounding it anywhere should accomplish the main task at hand. Ok: 7 to 9 clicks (without rear brake dragging)

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