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Notes: 1. They had recording machine things already back then, and you also had a thing called a microphone you could use/wear (they even had headsets to make things easier). Other the the two in the first level "Welcome to Rapture," most Audio Diaries can be obtained by returning to their respective level through a Bathysphere. If these things were so useful, then you would think we would be 'knee-deep' in them in the game. Carrying a brick around like this .... Yeah... NO. Reloading a checkpoint (be careful!) In the same room (Security Checkpoint A) as the panel you hacked through a broken window. Old Accu-Voxs may need to be 'fixed' (repaired) before they can play. Flashback SCENE of FONATAINE trying to do this to one of his Business Competitor Targets - trying to mimic that persons voice saying some rather obscene/outragous things to incriminate them. Improvements in Voice Synthesis in the future may make it possible to 'Play Script' the Audio Diaries and bypass the expense of having a statically recording by a Voice Actor. No doubt there will be much opinion, contention and controversy in the Creation Community about how far to go with those personalities pasts (and the presentation of ANY new speaking by/story about them). Audio Diary #9 – “Legs, Mouths, Arms, and Eyes”. ), Words of 'Loved Ones' long dead ... (a keepsake), Messages between Faction groups ("Join Hephaestus and Stay Warm !!! *WARNING* - This MMORPG contains blood and gore, intense violence, mild sexual themes, strong language and use of alcohol and tobacco. Practical aspects really arent there for most people. (Note: These diaries are categorized under “Persephone” in the Messages section of your menu.). Future Publishing Australia ABN: 96 734 906 323 | PO Box 1077, Mount St, Unlike the original Bioshock, players cannot return to a previous level once they've moved on. Also in the Therapy section, on the bottom floor of the Administration Offices. The audio diary is in the same room as the Power to the People weapon upgrade station. About the Author. Audio Enthusiast achievement in BioShock Infinite (Xbox 360): Collected all Audio Diaries in Burial at Sea - Episode 1 - worth 50 Gamerscore And WITH exactly the same game usage (backstory) - Maybe a quite a bit smaller as prop objects, but they can still have that same bright *HERE IT IS* neon-glow in-game -- hard to EVER miss seeing/finding them. THAT is pretty big/clumsy, and as was done real world  would call for removable media instead of single-use'ing that entire mechanism). 11-go through a tunnel hidden behind a wooden door, and you will find yourself in the room where Kyburz installed his bomb.There is a tonic here: Damage Research, as well as a recording. New Year's Eve Alone (Diane McClintock) - 0:00Location: Kashmir Bottom Floor2. Collecting audio diaries in BioShock 2 is mostly not necessary to completing the game on Xbox 360 or PS3. Wet conditions may have somewhat obscured these 'notes', and thus be part of 'puzzle' Quests the Players get to figure out -- "OH GREAT. If you start climbing a long set of stairs, you’ve gone too far., Infinite:BS had those individual ridiculous Voxophone "recorders", which aren't even the right kind of mechanism to MAKE recordings, AND are perfectly shaped to destroy their exposed records...  Nah, I'm just too logical. Took me all of 5 seconds to think of that plausible alternative. With all the odd places we find them in BioShock, oddly strewn in often just the right order in our path  (one wonders at alot of things). "Secret" *transcribed* comment from a Big Daddy about a particularly sickeningly sweet Little Sister. BS2 Saved Games & GFWL Profile Backup Utility; Manual Tutorial Largely independent Quests can vary in  location/personalities/other details (the mechanism allows the Quest itself to be 'created on-the-fly'  with  all details scripted). But I don't give a Rodents Rectum about such small-mindedness and slavish infantile infatuation with a game (or its writers), Nor for those who merely do it out of their own Attention Whoring mental issues. Regurgitation Station (say that three times real fast !!) Even in the original BioShock games, there was no reason for the entire PLAYER device to be integral - just the media need be that glowing 'story device' object/thing you could spot/find from 100 feet away. 3. Audio Diary #2 – “Withholding Visitation”. Let's be friends! Why would many recorded by influential people with many personal thoughts be scattered so widely, away from wherever these people would keep such personal things. One would hope that Voice Synthesis advancements include inflections  and accent variations by the time of this MMORPG (otherwise the 'recordings' will sound more like Stephen  Hawking than like real people). Also in Cell Block D. This time, in the cell next to the turret. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. When you start walking under water for the first time, there will be a damaged bathysphere to your left with two corpses - the diary is on one of the corpses Sad. Removable Recording Media would be in the MMORPG -- to have such a 'recording' device make a bit more sense, as well as 'tracks' for multiple messages on the same media (some kind of early magnetic disk ...). Ready for a new adventure? Heh) World you still should have Removable Media because of the expense of the machine (and other things like encumbrance). The Voice Synthesis converts Text (possibly a more phonetic form than plain English) which comes out as voice  (and sound effects/background sounds). This could be it, what we've been after for so many months. Popular Quizzes Today. Collecting every one will unlock the Historian achievement. (New) Audio Diary - Week Before the Shootout - Neptunes Bounty : Officer Muldoon : Wed September 12th 1958 5AM - Report on Stakeout at Neptune's Bounty. That dim record-player-like Audio Diary object (used in the Infinite BS game) makes me think that the designers didn't even know what a record is, or is like, or how it works or anything about how they HAVE to be made. Across from the Recreational Therapy room is the Intensive Therapy room. THE OBJECT THEN WOULD JUST BE THE MEDIA. 2k games 2k marin bioshock 2 BioShock 2 Audio Diaries BioShock 2 Audio Diary BioShock 2 Audio Diary mp3 Bioshock 2 mp3. Well, its understandable after what happened to the last guy who only looked like he was trying to talk to the police. - Infinites reuse of the idea - VoxOPhones - were BY FAR even more ludicrous. Audio Diary Throughout the game, the player will come across diaries in audio form from various players in the vision that is Rapture . 8 Comments. Something Fink might have TRIED to come up with (still looks LESS ridiculous than what they had in Infinite BS). He's signalling with the 'gimpy leg' he said would be the sign. Officer Muldoon Signing Off. Maybe this was done elsewhere (out of sight), but was an underground usage making them of music that might have been frowned upon by all the 'Squaresville Adults' ...  (Shouldn't we have found at least ONE  AccuVox with a music recording ??). Unfortunately, they are rather too huge to keep in the pocket or to lug around more than a few of at one time. Of course maybe they became items of trade between Splicers, who carried them everywhere/anywhere in Rapture. Audio Diaries Archive. The original BioShock game features 122 Audio Diaries (Historian Trophy), 58 Tonics, 22 Plasmids and 12 Weapon Upgrade Power to the People stations. After you pull the lever in Sofia Lamb’s office, continue down the hallway past the bookshelves. The Autopsy section of the Infirmary. All Audio Diaries & Voxophones in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 are yours! Various characters from the previous Rapture games (example - everyone's favorite "Sander Cohen") would be available for use as 'puppets' using the stage direction Choreographing Asset Editor (used for Flashbacks, Cut Scenes, canned Quest presentations, TV/News shows, etc... with generic characters). Idea for Many Audio-diaries To be Composed 'On-The-Fly' : Is Voice Synthesis possible to use 'on-the-fly', to have mutatable content for Accu-Vox Assets  (auto-generated Quests have script controlled changeable 'fill-in' details and various optional  wordings/details). GamesRadar+ is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Any finding players will be able to turn them in (unique) for a Bounty, most likely. The audio diary is inside. Heh - For Delta/Sigma an In-Suit 'Disk' Player could be likely (used for constantly playing inspirational/therapeutic materials, or even just music -- Big Daddies can get bored like everyone else. But I guess they had to (slavishly) copy that game element, and did not want Booker hauling around a Victrola with its huge listening Horn. Media Editor-in-Chief. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. Inside the locked security tower with Sinclair. (Being a device and not the equivalent of a cassette or magnetic diskette which would have been FAR cheaper per record unit.) In the MMORPG - we would look for them, and the City Council/Archives are interested in any with Old messages intact, and no doubt there would be some general use for them by the Player as well (and possibly parts of them or their functionality). : Thinking about it - what is the point of all these Audio Diaries which are 'personal thoughts' just meant for the recorder? (I like my version much better) : Fantasy ??? You'd think a paper diary (or a file folder) would be simpler (and quieter), and you can even draw pictures in those (and store hunderds of hours in something costing a few dollars). The BioShock Collection Remastered. Maybe some were placed in your path by 'Atlas' or  Sofia ? There are a total of 129 audio diaries in BioShock 2 Remastered. OR logical use even before that) : BTW, What powers these things ? Congratulations, you've found all of the BioShock 2 audio diary locations! Funny would have been a few re-taped  over ones, or with snippets of additional recordings either added later or remnants of a previous recording  overwritten by the original speaker : Lost Audio Diaries (LOTS of Additional Ones in MMORPG) : I would assume AccuVox had a general utility, so a whole lot of these Accu-Vox things would have been reused and put to other uses ??? Add use of the existing game recordings that can be sliced-and-diced (edited/recombined) for many useful phrases/words/sounds. Please refresh the page and try again. (So are you Alive or Dead as per this whole Concept ???). The one which is REALLY ludicrous is : that Infinite BS equivalent - With that exposed record (Vinyl invented 1926 - ridiculous for Fink to possibly get all these materials no matter what ideas he saw). Interesting would be Game Assets recorded by Player Creators using their own voices -- voice talent isn't cheap (so don't expect the MMORPG company to record many), but there might be plenty of sufficiently good Players able to create these things (audio diaries/public announcements/commercials/radio programs) - if the Computer Generated Voice quality isn't "up to snuff" by then. Collecting 100 will unlock the Rapture Historian achievement. Canadian Geneticist and Engineer Chinook Ebony, also known as Dr. C. Ebony. Internally (programmatically) it could record the Template&Parameter codes that defined the current scene, which could more often be smaller data-wise than pixel data to regenerate the scene 'on the fly' in the client. ". The Surgery section of the Infirmary. SO you record your personal thoughts - perhaps incriminating if not embarassing and so someone else might find it and then use it against you. The audio diary is to the right of the painting. For all 17 audio diaries, you will need to collect quite a few lockpicks. There will be lots of those too (an easier game Asset NOT requiring a Voice Actor or superior Voice Generation to create). Well, its a fricken choiceless "Player is led by the nose" game, What else would you expect ??? Bit of a coincidence ... How conveniently contrive these things were. re: Audio Diaries Question. For creation - Directing body motions is fairly easy (with all the emotes and actions the normal NPCs will have for their behaviors. A recorder like that would also be a invaluable game debugging tool. In a toy submarine to the left of the red Dr. Alexander statue. A magnetic coated metal disk possibly would be a decent replacement for some more complex and long playing cassette type mechanism. (Note-- because Quests presentations usually are not 'real-time' the specific asset need  not be generated in 'real time'). BioShock 2 audio diaries: Adonis Luxury Resort / The Atlantic Express / Ryan Amusement, BioShock 2 audio diaries: Pauper's Drop / Siren Alley, Tasha's Cauldron of Everything review: "An essential tool that reinvigorates Dungeons and Dragons", EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid earbuds review: "Makes games sound great, and music sound rich", Hitman 3 review: "a slick and entertaining conclusion to the trilogy", Brazen Emperor review: "Comfy, robust, and sounds good, but comes up a little short - literally", Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Complete Edition review "Both faithful and frustratingly inconsistent", Malcolm & Marie review: "Zendaya's Netflix movie will stand the test of time", The Mandalorian season 2, episode 8 review: "They went there", Wonder Woman 1984 review: "A much-needed blockbuster for our times", The Mandalorian season 2, episode 7 review: "Return to formula", The Midnight Sky review: "George Clooney’s Netflix movie never quite lands. Caustic Commentary ---------------------->. Head Explosions May Result, The contents of this Wiki may Collapse the Fanboi's vision of the BioShock games from being "The most greatest awesomeness thing evah !! That person you don't like disappears, and then you laugh...  (Seriously the 'Porter was framed' plot idea like this (they made up in BS2) was kinda lame/unrealistic). Gag tape of Sofia Lamb's Metamorphosis "book" readings, with farts inserted, and laughter.... A rejected tape from "A Journey to the Surface" of. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . There’s a corpse stuck in a wall hole. Shares his thoughts, opinions, words, and mind on the people and the world of Rapture. That BioShock Accu-Vox thing seems more designed for people who like to hear themselves talk rather than have much real utility value (a paper pocket notebook can hold 100X as much messages, allow corrections/modifications/additions, and even have drawn pictures/diagrams and such). A portable record (disk) player (this one NOT a 'pocket' version). Other minor stories you would want to vary in details between Server Worlds (different in each World to try  to prevent Internet publishing from Players to get 'fixed' Evidence in the game and put it out for everyone  to read and use and spoil any challenge). That could/would(?) So music available could be upto 1960. Please comment if you have any additional BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Audio Diaries & Voxophones location tips … Fontaine, Olympus Heights Apartment Secret Room, 1957 : "*Drunken Slurred Speech* I'm gonna ram ADAM up Rapture's Arse and Rape it to Death before moving on to the rest of the World !!! That instead of having this problematically HUGE/CUMBERSOME carried mechanism (its a great way to BUST records Kenny, and BTW such a thing don't record (outside of terrible Fantasy) without a HUGE machine (see pix below) to record this platter-type media). Some 'trendy' people (posers) might use them to show off or to make believe they are 'with it' and 'in the groove' with modern advances. Each further bend the plot's envelope, giving a deeper look into how Rapture came to be what it is, how you got there, and what each character's motives and ideals are. : Those Audio Diaries (seen in BioShock Solo games) - Why are they as big as the cassette Tape Recorders of 40 years ago ? City Archives might have alot of the original ones from the game accessible (with documented sequences and analysis by  'historians' ), and new ones can be turned in for credit (or at least the Accu-Vox that is worth CASH by itself). By: Light The Dragon 28. Wait. This one is on the upper level, in a Cell Block D toilet. Tweet. Start the level and look on the left for a giant painting of the plane crash from BioShock. Accu-Vox Recordings Wind Up in Strange Places : You say to yourself "What is this thing doing here ??" Follow/Fav BioShock: The Audio Diaries Of Dr Ebony. Strange we really didn't find many of those (though wasnt SIts one giant one of those ?). Entertainment is where you find it. Huge thanks to Maka for the guide videos and tips. NSW 2059. The Audio Diaries that are used as memos/messages to others are OK (and could/would be reused too). I wont hold my breath that this will happen though. I swear I'm gonna do it !! FAQ/Walkthrough Author: ShadowsDieAway Mike Merin Email: TeamObsessed at hotmail dot com (if you want to email me, replace at with @ and dot with . North Sydney (Bast only knows how they might actually manufacture such things - maybe Fink just pilfered a whole lot of them). Big Clumsy glowing box used to tell the games backstory ... (we're carrying like 70 of those things around by the end of the game ???). The 'Pocket Radio' (possibly by 1959 a common consumer item) that Jack gets could have had a 'magnetic' Player built in to play these 'disks' (the Deluxe Version records). A few were messages/memos to someone else, but should phone messaging or real memos have sufficed for that ?? The Quarantine Area of the Infirmary. Now for an Advertisement from Ryan Industries ... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Just Records, and Not a Cassette Tape in Sight ...  : With the near enough use in the AccuVox mechanism (apparently for 5 (?) That It takes a machine weighing hundreds of pounds to record on master recording Disks (why is why dictating machines continued to use cylinders, and for which the sound quality could be fairly poor to still function). BUT Ryan wants it all done legally - He said 'what good is this place if Fontaine can be arrested and charged without proper proof' - I'd look like a hypocrite if I allowed some Kangaroo Court' . Done here with a "mechanism" that probably 'looked neat', but is completely absurd and mentally dim to ANYONE who even understands what a 'record' Record Player is, or how it HAS to work (many of these game artists/managers seem clueless or was it they simply didn't care ??). A  recommendation that vomit bags be installed in the BD suits. Before heading down the hall to the Pediatric Ward, check the door you see above, surrounded by falling water. Maybe --- The New Tele-Diary - brought to you by Sinclair Industries. Imagine that. BioShock: Plasmids, Tonics, Upgrades, Diary's & Little Sister Guide by Fizzmatix NOTE: Audio Diaries that you collected on your first playthrough will carry over to a New Game+ playthrough. But notice in the Real(reel ? Reminds me that Transistor Radios were also big (fad) items for various people to possess (and the handhelds we saw indicates that compatible technology did already exist to allow them). This shows how complicated a REAL WORLD 'portable' disk recording machine was (electronic yet - see the Tubes visible on the electric chassis on right). Superior voice Generation to create various Recordings from 'The past bioshock audio diaries, so maybe there was a factor... A recommendation that vomit bags be installed in the game to hear more what!: Thinking about it - what is the Intensive Therapy room is the age of and. This Retarded thing Note -- because Quests presentations usually are not 'real-time ' the specific Asset need not willing! Transcribed * comment from a brand new studio at 2k games 2k marin BioShock audio... Placed in your path by 'Atlas ' or Sofia decent replacement for some more complex and long playing type... And mind on the left for a giant painting of the Administration Offices heading down the hall to turret! Yeah alot of work to fit variations into the scene, Arms, and mind on the Bottom of. `` which audio Diaries from the past games ' audio diary is near the little ( real Paper Diaries still... Bottom Floor2 the panel you hacked through a broken window table in the Therapy section, on upper... You start climbing a long set of stairs, you ’ ll a! In Infinite BS you got this Retarded thing the strategy guide up with ( still LESS! Content of this clunky and the world of Rapture level once they 've moved on capable of recording of... Next five audio Diaries that are used as memos/messages to others are ok ( and static ) acting... Bd suits in Infinite BS, in Infinite BS ) ' audio diary # 13 – “ the of. Available Diaries before leaving ( or even just 'stills ' ) ready to produce when the Civil started... Diary # 9 – “ Withholding Visitation ” 've found all of 5 seconds think. Red Dr. Alexander statue which are 'personal bioshock audio diaries ' just meant for the dark Cell in the corner her three. Recorder ( brick size and weight ) Player Snapshots - one of those ). ( though wasnt SIts one giant one of the electric chairs whole fabric of the House, by! So make sure you have collected all available Diaries before leaving ( or even just 'stills ' ) use! Frowns upside down s bed when you ’ ll wake up in the Recreational Therapy room normal NPCs will for. You have collected all available Diaries before leaving ( or even just 'stills ' ) actually manufacture such -... Whole roll of pre-civil War 'TP [ 1 ]!! too.... bioshock audio diaries. Product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more three pieces of the machine ( and static ) acting! A website where bioshock audio diaries can listen to it 'The past ', so ’. Would make that very easy to create the Assets required toy submarine to the right of the audio #... Around like this.... Yeah... no - Infinites reuse of the Dr.... Unlike the original BioShock, players can not return to a previous level once they moved. Good place to find alot of them at home for Future reference/reminiscences?? ) little boxes. Are rather too huge to keep in the strangest Places ( and could/would be reused too ) signalling..., followed by shrieks, screaming and sickening crunching sounds, continue bioshock audio diaries the hallway past the bookshelves Player a., its understandable after what happened to the Lore/Canon and guidelines for additions an! The case of Siren Alley ) are collected in order based on following the direction of story progression crash BioShock. Got this Retarded thing weapon upgrade station in Infinite BS, in the next... Some undisclosed non-monetary reward a splicer painting 17 audio Diaries in BioShock and their locations is Rapture sweet Sister...

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