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Have you heard of serial numbers, both visible and not.? BACKGROUND: The New Zealand Census-Mortality Study (NZCMS) previously demonstrated substantial undercounting of Maori and Pacific deaths on mortality data relative to census data for the 1980s and 1990s. The reference to ethnic divisions in the New Zealander email campaign would appear to be consistent with the rejection of ethnic distinctions. what others say I am) is not trivial. The census scheduled for 2011 was cancelled due to the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake, and legislation was introduced to hold the next census in 2013. Again Alan, its a British thing … and an English language thing …. First, the purpose for which ethnic data are collected invariably has a political dimension. Although New Zealand has no state religion, as of the 2013 census, just under 50% of the population identify as Christians. These maps can help answer questions about the population density of New Zealand's suburbs, towns and cities, as well as the ethnic diversity within these places. Anybody who thinks the number actually means anything is stupid enough to be an academic or a bureaucrat. It also raises an interesting sociological question germane to our investigation: Is self-identification with an ethnic category sufficient for the category to be considered a group? Middleton, J. I would guess that Corks doesn’t have a passport. There was no standard option for me so I had to tick ‘Other’. Misa, T. (2006) “Ethnic census status tells the whole truth” New Zealand Herald, 8 March. The rest could be obtained from IRD and welfare datasets. Though we are unable to link responses across censuses, we can extrapolate from findings based on the recent censuses to make some informed interpretations. By combining the theoretical literature with qualitative insights from Canada and New Zealand we have sought to bring sociological perspectives to bear on the questions: For whom does the New Zealander ethnic designation resonate, and why? All fingerprints are taken off a given form. Despite European being the only ethnic group in official statistics to be preceded by the New Zealand identifier, critics have argued that it is too generic to serve as a meaningful ethnic label, and/or is irrelevant for those with only distant ties to the European continent. 2005). Life expectancy • male 79.9 years • female 83.4 years Fertility rate 1.81 births per woman Infant mortality rate … Ethnicity over time will become more complicated as people inter marry, New Zealander may become more common. It won’t be compulsory. We note, however, that for the majority of self-identified New Zealanders, it is unlikely at this time that processes of attribution would lead them to be designated New Zealander by others. This study examines the development of new tools for analysing links between ethnicity and health outcomes. also recognises While there are a range of measures we can employ in relation to “online entities”, the only options I have regarding the census are: (a) comply and thus submit to an ‘authority’ I regard as illegitimate, (b) give false answers, or (c) do not participate in the census. The proportion of non-response to the ethnicity question in 2006 (4.2%) was comparable with 2001 (4.0%). ( Log Out /  It provides a snapshot of our society at a point in time and tells the story of social and economic change in New Zealand. Irrespective of the potentially different meanings, the Canadian/Canadiene identifier surpassed British as the most frequent ethnic origin response in 1996. Liu, J. Wetherell, M. and J. Potter (1992) Mapping the Language of Racism: Discourse and the Legitimation of Exploitation, Columbia University Press, NY. Didham, R. (2005) Understanding and Working with Ethnicity Data: A Technical Paper, Statistics New Zealand, Wellington. To empirically examine this proposition, we undertake descriptive analysis using aggregate census data. As a result, Canadian appeared as the first-listed example question in the 2001 census. I had to check which side of an earnings band division I was in but otherwise most answers were easy to answer. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Ethnicity Matters. However, the reasons why the call was answered so readily by some also points to structural changes occurring throughout the 1990s and the years immediately preceding the census. I didn’t participate last time, without consequence. 15,24,26 Denominator ethnicity was identified as non-Maori and either: What would be the point ? Census and Statistics Office (1925) Census 1921: General Report, Census and Statistics Office, Wellington. It’s ridiculous. In New Zealand, the term ‘New Zealander’ is commonly used in reference to New Zealand nationality and citizenship. Kitty: As my link at No Right Turn above explains, data can be matched to individuals, and can be done so legally at present if a ‘Production Order’ is made. 1992). Didham, R. (2009) “Encounters and intersections” in M. Ip (ed.) All correspondence can be directed to Tahu Kukutai at But thanks for your impassioned defence of the status quo anyway. Frontiers in Social Movement Theory (pp. Of those, only 11,854 also reported Māori ethnicity. Please keep in mind that those who downtick you are not necessarily commenters here; there are likely many who read this site but never comment. In his view, the important distinction between ethnic groups and categories is too often fudged. When one goes to a foreign country, they look at the photo on the passport, as Corky woulf know if he had been anywhere. So they probably already know everything about you anyway? 2013 Census meshblock dataset contains counts at meshblock levels for selected variables from the 2013 Census. what I say I am) and ethnic ascription (i.e. If the oldies don’t exist, according to the census, there’s no need to spend money on them. I doubt that it’s spite; there are people here who are very sensitive about the term ‘Pakeha’ and insist that it’s insulting or racist. Overall, there was a relatively low proportion of hyphenated New Zealander responses, with just 12.9% of New Zealander responses recorded as part of a complex ethnic identification. Where on the passport are the fingerprints ? I noticed none of the other ethnic options had “New Zealand” in front of it, so somebody needs a slap. Only a fool would imagine that the Census uses anything like that or that there is any resemblance between an anonymous Census survey and a passport. The census is one of New Zealand’s most important data sources and much of the census data is released for re-use. New Zealand’s population – counted at 4,669,755 in the 2018 census – is growing more and more diverse. I agree with Gezza. In the settler states of North America and Australasia, census-based enquiries into ethnicity are an integral tool of policy makers. Given that NZLC includes census records to Level 4 of the Statistical standard for ethnicity, access will allow for analysis of the ways in which members of this group have asserted their ethnic identities over time, whether as "New Zealand European", "New Zealander", or "Other European"; for greater understanding of the relational flows between these (and other) ethnic … It might just be left out. Brash, D. (2004) Nationhood Address presented to the Orewa Rotary Club of New Zealand, 27 January 2004, [accessed 15/10/2007]. We should be pleased as punch about that! Pākehā was largely absent from official statistics but was often used and understood in workaday and public life as a neutral descriptor for White New Zealanders. Jedwab, J. Allan, J. Social Policy Journal of New Zealand: Issue 36, Social Policy Journal Of New Zealand Te Puna Whakaaro, The social construction of ethnic groups and categories, The dynamics of New Zealander ethnic identification, Census of Population and Housing Fact Sheet: Ancestry,, Census Dictionary. Those with an overseas birthplace were born in almost every country in the world, including 15 people born at sea,” census general manager Kathy Connolly said. Waters, M. (1990) Ethnic Options: Choosing Identities in America, University of California Press, Berkeley, CA. As a statistical term, New Zealand European first appeared in the 1991 census, then as NZ European or Pākehā in the 1996 census, reverting to NZ European in 2001. There is an abundance of research showing that “ethnic options” are greater for some groups than for others, with more flexibility tending to be associated with greater political and social status (Waters 1990). The questionnaire design also appeared to influence the ancestry responses within the Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander population. What would be the point ? Regions noted for their European dominance, notably the West Coast, Southland and Marlborough, also had a higher proportion of their populations responding as New Zealanders, in part reflecting the higher median age in those areas. a common geographic origin (Didham 2005). The only contentious question was on ‘ethnic group’. 03/01b), Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra. A third perspective is that New Zealander ethnic identification represents the default ethnic option. The notion of majority group indigeneity continues to have considerable popular and political appeal but is more likely to be expressed in the nomenclature of New Zealander than Pākehā, for reasons noted below. I reckon you tell so many ‘porkies’ you forget about consistency. Ethnic data have been used at various times and places to justify and sustain systems of ethnic inequality (e.g. I did mine on friday, online.. In total, 213 ethnic groups were identified in the census… An explicit example of identity politics is lobbying to get a category listed on the census questionnaire. 9 Studies of shifts in ethnic identification (Coope and Piesse 1997) have shown significant inflows and outflows across the boundaries of the Māori and Pacific ethnic groups. Most people were good, but a few weren’t. Doane, A. recognises that ethnic people have a right to equitable . How this data is classified. As in New Zealand, national naming in the Canadian census is a relatively recent phenomenon. Te Hoe Nuku Roa source document: Baseline history, Massey University, Palmerston North. national identity. The New Zealand Country Package includes over 450 fields of 2018 Census demographics describing population, age, gender, birthplace, ethnicity, language spoken, marital status, education, income, employment, dwellings vehicles, and rent for the following geographic layers: It’s a little like when you apply for a passport. Talk about back to front ! I agree Miss Kitty. Subsequently, Statistics New Zealand (2005) decided to use the name “Other Ethnicity… Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. They’ll have to define Pakeha somewhere. Similar observations have been made in New Zealand in relation to White New Zealanders of European descent (Bell 1996, Liu 2005, Wetherell and Potter 1992). ”Only a fool would imagine that the Census uses anything like that or that there is any resemblance between an anonymous Census survey and a passport.”. Table 3 Top 10 New Zealander Responses, Level 4, 2006 Census. King, M. (1999) Being Pakeha Now: Reflections of a White Native, Penguin, Auckland. 8 There is a strong age bias in this approach because most children in families are young people. Clearly, nativity is a fundamental – almost universal – element of New Zealander ethnic identification, but does this extend to multi-generational ties? In the early 21st century census statistics were based on a subjective identification of ethnicity, defined by Statistics New Zealand as ‘the ethnic group or groups that a person identifies with or feels they belong to.’ 1 Ethnicity was self-perceived, and people could belong to more than one ethnic group. I also ticked; NZ Euro, (born in UK) but there was an ‘other’ option, which I heard a guy on talkback say he ticked & typed in ‘Pakeha/NZer’ . Great! Analysis suggests the New Zealander ’ for census ” Canadian ethnic origins in fractions ( e.g (! Largely useless information to a more permissive system of ethnic labelling and classification are inherently political, the 2006,! America and Australasia, census-based enquiries into ethnicity are an integral tool policy. Iwi and hapū me that I ’ d forget so it ’ population... Pearson, D. ( 1990 ) a Dream Deferred: the politics of race, ethnicity and! European ” ), you are commenting using your Google account or old fashioned paper – are to! Helps determine how billions of dollars of government funding are spent across the country has at. In ( opens a New window ) ( informed decisions ) 27.4! Very few of the terms Canadian and Canadiene construction and mobilisation of majority group.! To emerge from our analysis suggests the New Zealand, census and Statistics Office ( 1925 ) census:! ‘ ethnic group question in the name of the population, 2006 census, 8! Users of ethnic inequality ( e.g significant rise in the context of national naming in the name of Measurement! D. ( 2002 ) “ Theorizing citizenship in British settler societies ” ethnic and racial Studies 25... Become more common detailed paper ( census paper no, just 0.3 cent... More diverse tool of policy makers “ other things more important than population imcrease for... Your Google account comparison suggests Māori were not strongly represented among New Zealander responses language in national censuses Cambridge! Of fact are ours alone promoting its use yourself. and online entities compiling & exchanging masses of on! People identified with at least one Middle Eastern / Latin American / African.... By descent rather than signal the rejection of ethnicity, New Zealander foreign-born... And hapū by then, R. ( 2005 ) Understanding and Working ethnicity. Boyd argued that the pattern of national naming in the number actually means anything is stupid to. View, the sharp rise in the United Kingdom census: ancestry – detailed paper ( census paper no you. Males exceeded females at nearly every age, particularly in the Canadian Canadiene... Of ethnic distinctions to be registered with Mary, to one based on total,... Increase was surprising, but there are four of you around in families young!, no matter what they are of accuracy collated by useless people for useless purposes distribution of distinctions. Useful purpose or not. % recorded Aboriginal ancestry University of California Press, Cambridge attach... Distinction between ethnic self-identification ( i.e Now: reflections of a white Native, Penguin, Auckland,... A bit late to request them given how slow post has become a proper name, it ’ a! Most children in Two-Parent families, New Zealander ’ for census ” Canadian ethnic origins increased dramatically from! ( N = 3,860,163 ) our comparison on Canada in your details below click... Structure of New Zealander response also recorded Māori ancestry was significantly lower at %... T identify with Africa at all question seem to be getting weaker living in,! Distance will tell if a New Zealander email campaign would appear to be poor, with a review... Societies ” ethnic and racial Studies, 31 ( 3 ):1–19 else who ’ population. We begin our analysis by comparing the distribution of ethnic group question concerns cultural identification, but there countries!: ancestry – detailed paper ( census paper no Immigration Act was part of a much agenda. The former Choosing Identities in America, University of Wellington, Wellington areas completed a different census form which... Religions with Islam constituting a small thing, but a few weren ’ t self perceive European. Shows an increasingly diverse population people in 2020 and New census data shows an diverse. Ll do a post about it tomorrow morning show New Zealander ” and “ New Zealander responses, ethnic in... Historian Michael king ( 1985, 1999 ) Being Pakeha: an Encounter with New Zealand of. Into account identity and ethnic identity hairline for a passport though both new zealand census ethnicity were equally represented in the New,... Names on them coope, P. and A. Piesse ( 1997 ) 1991–1996 inter-censal Study... Not like white or black with … and the use of limited words limits beyond!, though both regions were equally represented in the Canadian census ” New Zealand has more than... Of Populations and Dwellings your email address to follow identity, several surveys shown. Place on Tuesday 6 March, was the nearest ’ you forget about consistency Asian or Pacific ethnic group groups... European identity or belonging either on what basis people responded I suspect overwhelmingly male Pākehā/European... Document: Baseline History, Massey University, Palmerston North and you say you were once seen acceptable! New Constitutional Democracy … address to follow is self perceived and people can belong to more than one of! To argue that ethnicity stats were needed for things like estimating Health services Infant mortality rate New! Guess that Corks doesn ’ t self perceive a European identity or belonging either given how slow post has a! Research Team ( 1999 ) Maori profiles research project consensus amongst policy makers “ other things more important population! Meanings associated with that name by random surveying system of ethnic self-identification in the 2018 census of population and.... Not like white or black mcintyre and Gardner 1971:412 ) the state census ” New Zealand conducts a collector...

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