rocky 30 plunge base

Plunge Base I have used the 1619 a couple of times hand-held, but it is just to big, bulky and the plunge base has no up spring, so you have to lift it when removing the bit from a plunge. Both of the edge guides are nice (but cheaply made like all the other brands). Time will tell if it holds up. Can be guided easily with one hand, very stable, and reasonably quiet (or at least quieter than my old Craftsman routers were). "N"��L�A7��,1� The plunge base has a full 0” - 1-3/8” plunge capacity while the tilt base is for routing at different angles (-30° to 45°) and the offset base allows for routing in hard-to-reach areas and as close as ¾” to a wall. The edge guide comes installed in the Rocky 30 plunge base in the upside down Plunge depth capacity of 0" to 1-3/8" for easy penetration into work piece. I added wood strips to both to make them longer. My biggest complaint is that torque drops off pretty fast with lower RPMs.

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