nbde part 2 sample questions

), Most strong porcelain: firing under compression What increases with age: chroma, How to prevent Metamerism? View Notes - Mosby's review for the NBDE part II.pdf from PSY 101.263.2 at Ibb University. How many pins should you place in amalgam? which cell doesn’t present in all stages of chronic periodontitis? Got the latest actual xBraindumps Medical Tests ADA NBDE Part II dumps pdf questions, Try download ADA NBDE Part II prep braindumps and ADA NBDE Part II VCE practice! (danger triangle from ophthalmic vein or facial) cavernous sinus thrombosis if canine space or deep temporal space is infected, for it to go to mediastinum: retropharyngeal, A displaced fracture of the mandible courses from the angle to the third molar. A)Add another drug 2) change the antibiotics 3) refer to OMFS, Ans: pt has Ludwig angina (submandibular, submental and sublingual spaces bilaterally) refer to OMFS for I&D, Immediate Alveolar osteitis treatment: a. Chlorhexidine rinse at home b. Irrigation on the area and sedative dressing c. Antibiotics d. Curetaje of alveolus ans B, Which of the following is the most likely cause of ankylosis of the TMJ, D- Developmental abnormality ANS: C cause is trauma, most common complication of  RA is ankylosis bilaterally. D. Establishment of vertical dimension of occlusion. What is not an advantage of rubber dam when compared to not using it: facilitates the use of water spray ans. Benign. But for getting admission into DDS you will need to qualify for it by clearing the NBDE exams which consists of 2 parts – NBDE Part 1 & NBDE Part 2. Section 9 Prosthodontics 341 SAMPLE QUESTIONS 1. Are you ready? With a modified Widman Flap, you mostly reduce bone if: ans 1 (usually we do not do osseous recontouring in MWF only in WF), Ans D (this is done in widman where flap places apically, not modified widman. B.Metastases in a single ipsilateral node 3 cm or less, C.Metastases in bilateral or contralateral lymph nodes. Mesial, Doing endo which part of Mx PM perforate? o Aspirin: >100 mg/day: stop 5-7 days prior to surgery, o Coumadin (2.5-4): physician consult, stop 2 days pre-op, o Coumadin (4

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